Each project is connected to a GitHub repository.

The configured main branch of your project has a production environment database, and API keys.

All other branches of your repository have access to a Grafbase preview environment.

You can deploy a new project from a template, or import a repository from the Grafbase Dashboard at any time. Make sure to switch to an organization if you wish to create a project for your team to share.

You will need to connect a GitHub account to create the associated repository for your project, give it a name, select a database region, and choose a payment plan.

There are various limits for free accounts and plans. See pricing for more details.

Create project

You can change the name of your project from your settings at any time.

Rename project

You can delete your project from your settings at any time.

You will need to confirm the name of your account or organization, as well as the project name to proceed.

Delete project

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