The unified
data layer

Combine your data sources into a centralized GraphQL endpoint.
Focus on shipping products instead of building infrastructure.

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Build your backend declaratively using a schema-first approach.
Accelerate development by leveraging powerful directives and scalars.

extend schema
    name: "Stripe",
    schema: "",
    headers: [{ name: "Authorization", value: "Bearer {{ env.STRIPE_SECRET_KEY }}" }]

type Post @model @search {
  title: String!
  slug: String! @unique
  body: String!
  publishOn: Date!
  comments: [Comment] @resolver("post/comments")

Easy integration of data sources

Connect your existing APIs and databases and expose them via a unified GraphQL endpoint.

Instant Preview Branches

Collaborate on changes using branching to supercharge your development workflow.
Spin up instant preview environments by connecting your Git repository to your project.

Zero config local dev

Start building your backend using the Grafbase CLI with one simple command.

Fast. Everywhere.

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Intuitive permissions

Grafbase integrates seamlessly with your favorite identity providers.

extend schema
    rules: [
      { allow: private, operations: [read] },
      { allow: groups, groups: ["admin"] }.
      { allow: owner, operations: [create, read, update, delete] }

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