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Grafbase accelerates backend development with next-generation tooling.
Deploy globally fast GraphQL APIs with a top-notch developer experience.

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Grafbase is built with high performing teams in mind.

Go from idea to production without spending time on infrastructure.

Grafbase app example

Our Investors

Backed by founders of world-class developer tools.

Guillermo RauchGuillermo RauchCEO at Vercel
Olivier PomelOlivier PomelCEO at Datadog
Zack KanterZack KanterCEO at Stedi
Spencer KimballSpencer KimballCEO at Cockroach
Nat FriedmanNat FriedmanEx-CEO at Github
Mathias ChristiensenMathias ChristiensenCEO at Netlify
Thomas Paul MannThomas Paul MannCEO at Raycast
Zach LloydZach LloydCEO at Warp

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