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Instant serverless GraphQL backends.
Grafbase provides the best developer experience to deploy GraphQL APIs.

Grafbase app example



The Grafbase Command Line Interface (CLI) gives you the power to create and develop projects locally, directly from the terminal. Zero config, or Docker needed.

Initialize a local GraphQL backend directly from your terminal with one command.

srconmaingrafbaseinitGrafbase CLI
✨ your project was successfully set up for Grafbase!
your new schema can be found at./grafbase/schema.graphql
srconmaingrafbasedevGrafbase CLI
📡 listening on port4000


Grafbase is built with high performing teams in mind.

Go from idea to production without spending time on infrastructure.

Grafbase app example
Samantha Lopez
samantha-lopezadded search feature
Pull Request automatically deployed via Grafbase.


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