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Grafbase accelerates backend development with next-generation tooling.

Backed by leaders in development tools

Guillermo Rauch
Guillermo RauchCEO at Vercel
Olivier Pomel
Olivier PomelCEO at Datadog
Zack Kanter
Zack KanterCEO at Stedi
Spencer Kimball
Spencer KimballCEO at Cockroach
Nat Friedman
Nat FriedmanEx-CEO at GitHub
Mathias Christiensen
Mathias ChristiensenCEO at Netlify

Open Positions

The team is 100% remote and distributed across Europe and Unites States in 8 countries.

If there isn't an open position for you, you can send an application to [email protected] with any information you think is relevant for future consideration.