Listing and inspecting

You can list subgraphs in a given branch and inspect the schema of subgraphs and federated graphs using the Grafbase CLI.

The grafbase subgraphs command lets you list the currently published subgraphs in a branch. It takes a project reference as its only argument.


$ npx -y grafbase subgraphs tomhoule/schema-check-action-federated-graph-example@main Grafbase CLI 0.48.1 Subgraphs: - manufacturing - retail

The grafbase schema command lets you inspect subgraph and federated graph schemas.

With the --name argument, the command will print the GraphQL schema of the subgraph with the given name:

$ npx -y grafbase schema tomhoule/schema-check-action-federated-graph-example@main --name retail # < prints the whole GraphQL schema >

Without the --name argument, the CLI prints the composed schema of the federated graph.

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