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Build and scale your Nuxt application backed by your own GraphQL API.

Grafbase + Nuxt

Nuxt gives you all the tools you need to build production scale applications. Whether you need to fetch data on the server, at build time when creating a static export, or caching on demand, Nuxt has you covered.

Fetch data on the client from your Grafbase project using a GraphQL client like urql.
Fetch data on the client from your Grafbase project using a GraphQL client like urql.


Simon Grimm@schlimmson

Tried @grafbase and was impressed how easy & fast it was to create your serverless GraphQL API + local instance 🔥

Rasmus Hjulskov@RasmusHjulskov

Current fantasy tech stack 🚀: - @nextjs - @tailwindcss - @typescript - @trpcio - @grafbase - @ClerkDev


As an engineer, I'm always on the lookout for tools that make my job easier and more efficient. @grafbase has quickly become a go-to for me in my #GraphQL development work. Its real-time query execution and intuitive schema management have saved me countless hours of debugging


Done playing with @Cloudflare Pages & Workers, for now. Now to learn some @grafbase and see how if it can play a role, because it is pretty nifty!

Bobby Blastbeats@tubbo

not sure if @grafbase is so good that it will actually obviate my entire job, or if it's good enough that i can use it at work without someone questioning my existence. either way, i am sold on the concept of "upload some SDL and query shit, stop worrying about the DB infra".


Damn, trying out the @grafbase beta & it's super slick! Feels like what @planetscaledata is doing for databases, @Grafbase is going for #GraphQL 🔥

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