Tracing tracks a request's journey, offering detailed insights into the various steps that form its lifecycle. It highlights how the request interacts with different parts of the system, helping us understand its flow, identify potential bottlenecks, and improve performance and reliability. Grafbase provides a set of spans that capture essential steps of a request's journey and records several attributes in each one.

The following list presents the span's we collect and export for each request handled by our Gateway.

  • gateway — Records HTTP protocol metadata.
  • cache — Records interactions with Edge Caching and metadata around cache statuses.
  • graphql — Records GraphQL metadata like operation name, operation type and errors.
  • resolver — Records any resolver interaction.
  • subgraph — In federated mode only, this span records subgraph requests metadata.

Grafbase user's can opt in to tracing by properly configuring their deployments.

Managed graphs are deployed to the Grafbase Global Edge Network and configuring tracing can be seamlessly done by leveraging our integrations.

Self-hosted Grafbase Gateway's can easily use tracing by configuring it appropriately.

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