Access Tokens

Access Tokens are used to grant access for the CLI, Management API, 3rd-party extensions, and any integrations.

Each Access Token has their own set scope that grants access to certain account and project settings.

Full Access tokens can manage all account and project settings for your personal account, and any organizations you're a member of.

These tokens can only be used to manage your own account and projects.

These tokens can only be used for the selected organization and their projects. If you're a member of multiple organizations, you will see these in the list of scopes.

You can create access tokens from your account settings > access tokens page.

You will need to give your access token a name, and select a scope.

Access tokens cannot be modified or read once created. Make sure to copy the token somewhere safe, and never share with anyone.

Tokens don't expire and should be revoked when no longer needed.

Tokens can be revoked from your account settings > access tokens page at anytime.

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