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Data Explorer

Browse your data visually.

Hobby Plan

The free tier for small and personal projects.

Ordering & Filtering

Order and filter your data.


Customize your GraphQL API with JavaScript/TypeScript resolvers.

Owner-based Auth

Specifies whether a user can access or operate against an object.


Serverless full-text search seamlessly integrated to your GraphQL API.

CLI Deploys

From CLI to GraphQL API in seconds.

Node query

Query any node in your graph by ID.

@openapi directive

Connect external OpenAPI APIs to your GraphQL API declaratively.


Schema Editor

Edit your schema in the Grafbase dashboard.


Cache your GraphQL API at the edge for blazing fast response times.


Event-based triggers from your database.

@graphql directive

Connect external GraphQL APIs to your Grafbase GraphQL API.

Vercel Integration

Connect your Grafbase project to your Vercel project.


GraphQL interface support.


Identify performance issues with your GraphQL API.

VS Code Extension

Visual Studio extension

Wasm Resolvers

Write your resolvers in a language that compiles to WebAssembly.

Account Avatars

Creation and management of avatars for personal and organisation accounts.

Pro Plan

Usage based billing for your project.

Raycast extension

Interact with the Grafbase platform via Raycast.


Redeploy your project.

@grpc directive

Connect external gRPC APIs to your GraphQL API declaratively.

Project Transfers

Transfer projects to other accounts.



GraphQL subscriptions.

Data Import

Add the ability to batch import data from sources like S3 and various file formats like CSV.


Create, schedule, and restore backups for your Grafbase projects.

@stream directive

Start receiving data before the entire result is ready.

@defer directive

Improve latency by deferring non-essential query data.

Rate Limits

Add the ability to define rate limits by user or API Key.


GraphQL union support.

Netlify integration

Connect your Grafbase project to your Netlify site.


Update an existing item if a specified value already exists, and insert a new item if the specified value doesn't already exist.