Introducing lazy resolver compilation

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Introducing lazy resolver compilation

Since launching Edge Resolvers earlier this year, we have witnessed a significant surge in developers who are augmenting their current APIs and Databases with their own logic.

With Grafbase, your project's GraphQL API, along with all your other data sources, is deployed to the edge through a unified GraphQL Edge Gateway.

Starting from version grafbase@0.23.0 and higher, when running your project locally, the compilation of resolvers and installation of dependencies are postponed until the first resolver is called.

Compiling resolver

This means that you can quickly start running complex projects without any significant delay in server startup time. The resolvers will be compiled successfully only when they are actually needed, allowing you to get your project up and running quickly.

Resolvers are perfect for extending any datasource using field resolvers, as well as creating your own GraphQL query and mutation resolvers.

The resources below should get you started building with Edge Resolvers:

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