Introducing Apollo Federation subgraph support

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Introducing Apollo Federation subgraph support

The Grafbase OpenAPI connector can now be used to expose a Federation subgraph on Grafbase!

Apollo Federation is a technology for building GraphQL APIs that combines multiple GraphQL services into a single, unified schema. OpenAPI is a technology for specifying the shape of an HTTP API. Grafbase now lets you combine these two technologies - making it easy to add data from any HTTP API into a federated supergraph.

In the example below we have part of an OpenAPI specification that we want to expose as a subgraph:

openapi: 3.0.0
  title: Location Service
  version: 1.2
      summary: Returns a specific location
        - in: path
          name: id
          required: true
            type: string
          description: 'A Location'
                $ref: '#/components/schemas/Location'

We can connect this API to Grafbase and expose it as a subgraph with the following schema:

import { config, connector, g } from '@grafbase/sdk'

const locationsService = connector.OpenAPI('locations', {
  schema: '',

g.datasource(locationsService, { namespace: false })

export default config({
  schema: g,
  federation: {
    version: '2.3',

When this introspects the OpenAPI schema and generates a type for the User that type will be annotated as a federation entitiy:

type Location @key(fields: "id") {
  name: String!
  id: String!

This Grafbase API can now be connected into a Federation supergraph.

But that's not all: Grafbase can also use Federation to return references to another subgraphs entities and augment those entities with additional fields.

For example the following schema & resolver pair could be used to define a reviews subgraph with references to the above subgraph:

import { config, connector, g } from '@grafbase/sdk'

const reviewsService = connector.OpenAPI('reviews', {
  schema: ''
  transforms: schema => {

g.datasource(reviewsService, { namespace: false })

g.type('Location', {
  id: g.string()
}).key('id', { resolvable: false })

g.extend('Review', {
  location: {
    returns: g.ref('Location'),
    resolver: 'review/location'

export default config({
  schema: g,
  federation: {
    version: '2.3'

We need to write a simple review/location resolver that takes the Review from the parent resolver and converts that into a representation of a Location. The supergraph router can then use that to fetch the associatd Location from the location subgraph.

export default function resolver({ location_id }) {
  return { id: location_id }

We're just getting started with our Federation subgraph support, so there's a lot still to do. For the OpenAPI support we're planning on improving it's entity detection and allowing you to override and augment the entities that we detect. We'll also be rolling out subgraph support to our other connectors.

We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas, so join us on Discord.