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Doppler's developer-first security platform empowers teams to seamlessly manage, orchestrate, and govern secrets at scale.

Doppler is a secrets management tool that helps developers securely store and manage sensitive information such as API keys, database credentials, and other secrets used in applications.

Key Features of Doppler Secrets Management:

Centralized Storage: Doppler provides a centralized location to securely store all your application secrets.

Encryption: Secrets stored in Doppler are encrypted both in transit and at rest, ensuring they remain secure.

Environment Variables: Doppler injects secrets into your application as environment variables, integrating seamlessly with your development workflow.

Versioning and History: Doppler maintains a history of changes to secrets, allowing you to roll back to previous versions if needed.

Access Control: Fine-grained access controls ensure only authorized individuals or services have access to specific secrets.

Integration with CI/CD: Doppler integrates well with CI/CD pipelines, securely managing secrets throughout the development lifecycle.

Audit Trails: Provides audit trails and logging features for compliance and security auditing purposes.

Overall, Doppler secrets management simplifies handling sensitive information in modern development workflows while maintaining a high level of security and compliance.

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