The schema file describes the shape of your data, relations, and configuration for validations and auth using the GraphQL schema definition language.

Grafbase automatically generates a GraphQL schema, and deploys a GraphQL API to the edge based on schema located at grafbase/schema.graphql.


You can create a model using the directive @model with any of your GraphQL types. Each model will have its own set of GraphQL queries and mutations.

type Post @model {
  slug: String! @unique
  title: String!
  published: Boolean @default(value: false)
  rating: Float
  likes: Int

You can also create regular object types that can be embedded inside of your existing models:

type Order @model {
  billingAddress: Address
  shippingAddress: Address

type Address {
  line1: String!
  line2: String
  zip: String
  phone: PhoneNumber

Grafbase automatically manages system fields for any @model type.

Models contain fields.

Grafbase does not currently support Interface or Union types.

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