Managing Memberships

This topic describes how to add people to an Organization. As they say, membership has its privileges. For Grafbase users, this means that if you join an Organization, you can work on any project within that Organization.

In addition, if you are invited as an owner of the Organization, you can also invite others to join the Organization, and create projects within the Organization.

The steps to inviting a new member are:

  1. Add a member, by their email address and with a role, to the Organization.
  2. Once the member gets a notification from Grafbase, they can either accept, ignore, or reject membership.

Once people are added to an Organization, they can start working on any of the projects withing the Organization.

If you are not familiar with Organizations or how to create one, see Identities and Relationships and Creating an Organization, respecively.

To add a new member to an Organization, perform the following steps.

  1. Navigate to your Organization's dashboard.
  2. Select the Members tab.
  3. In the Invites section, enter the member's email address.
  4. Select Member to give them typical member rights, or Owner to make them also an owner of the Organization. Owners can add or delete other members, and create new projects.
  5. Click Invite.

Grafbase sends an invitation to that email address.

Once you select the link to join the Organization, you'll be sent to a page where you can sign up using your GitHub name and password to join the Organization.

You'll also be asked to give Grafbase permission to access your account and some account information.

Once you've joined an Organization, you'll be re-directed to the Organization's dashboard, where you can see some information about the Organization's projects, or select the Usage or Settings tab.

See the Grafbase Tutorial topic for step-by-step instructions on creating a project from a template.

If you do not want to join an Organization, select the link and select Reject or ignore the email message.

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