Identities and Relationships

This topic describes the core concepts of the identifying information that Grafbase stores, including the relationships between individuals (users and members) and groups, which we call organizations.

Users are associated with a personal account and one or more organization accounts. Users have a name, which is their GitHub name, an email address, which is the email address associated with their GitHub account, and an optional avatar.

Members belong to one organization and are associated with a personal account and a user. Members can have administrative privileges for the organization, or be just a member (contributor).

Every Grafbase user has an associated personal account. Users can create projects within their personal account, however, personal projects only allow the user to work on those projects.

If you need a group project, you must create the project within an organization account.

An organization account, sometimes just called an organization, has one or more members and one or more projects.

After you've registered with Grafbase, you can create an organization. As the first member of an organization, you become the default owner of the organization. Once your organization account is ready, you can invite new members to the team, either as another administrator, or as a member.

Organization administrator can create projects that any organization member can work on.

Each project is associated with a single GitHub repository. Since most repositories have multiple branches, you can add one or more of the repository branches to the project as project branches. Regardless of the number of branches, only one branch represents the public view of the project. We call that branch the production branch. All other branches are preview branches.

Personal and organization accounts can have multiple projects, but projects can only belong to a personal account or an organization account.

The major difference between a personal project and an organization project is that organization projects can have more than one member (user).

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