Announcing Rate Limiting

Hugo BarrigasHugo Barrigas
Announcing Rate Limiting

Since launching Grafbase, rate limiting has been a highly requested feature from our customers.

Rate limiting is a common strategy that allows you to protect your APIs against malicious traffic and denial of service (DoS) attacks by preventing system overloads, ensuring fair usage, and mitigating abuse or exploitation by attackers.

Today, we are thrilled to announce support for Rate Limiting for graphs deployed to Grafbase!

You can configure rate limiting rules that apply to incoming traffic by simply defining rules in your Grafbase configuration.

import { config, graph } from '@grafbase/sdk' const g = graph.Standalone() export default config({ graph: g, rateLimiting: { rules: [ { name: 'any-ip', limit: 1000, duration: 10, condition: { ips: '*', }, }, ], }, })

That's it! We're excited to launch rate limiting and is currently free and available on all plans while in beta.

Read more about configuring rate limiting in the documentation.

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