Announcing $7.3m to build the data platform of the future

Grafbase announces $7.3m to build the data platform of the future

Today we're excited to announce we've raised $7.3m in funding, led by Next47 with participation from Alven, Uncorrelated Ventures and 40+ amazing angels including Guillermo Rauch, Olivier Pomel, Spencer Kimball, Nat Friedman, Matt Biilmann, Chris Bach, Zack Kanter, Thomas Paul Mann, Zach Lloyd and many more.

At Grafbase we are building the best developer platform to build and deploy serverless GraphQL backends.

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Over the past 2 decades I've been fortunate to be part of many amazing startup journeys, most recently as CTO at The RealReal. Every company I've worked at shared two common traits: aggressive timelines and scarce engineering resources. To mitigate this problem I have always looked for tooling to help developers be more productive.

When Heroku launched 15 years ago it revolutionized web application deployment to the cloud using a Git-based workflow. While Heroku might not be platform of choice anymore, the spirit of their focus on developer experience lives on.

Vercel and Netlify are reshaping the Web by empowering engineers to deploy globally fast websites with a beautiful developer experience.

However, when it comes to building and deploying backends it's still too complicated and time consuming than it has to be. Adopting serverless and GraphQL isn't as seamless as it could be.

Two years ago I decided to start building a developer focused platform to power the next generation of startups. Enter Grafbase.

Damn, trying out the @grafbase beta & it's super slick! Feels like what @planetscaledata is doing for databases, @grafbase is going for #GraphQL 🔥

Since we launched the private beta, the initial feedback has given us great validation on the problem we're solving.

We're building Grafbase with a developer-first mindset. Starting with the Grafbase CLI, you get a zero config local dev environment without friction.

Your backend project is built declaratively using GraphQL SDL to speed up development and reduce boilerplate code. Over time we will offer the ability to customize your backend using JavaScript or languages that compiles to WebAssembly.

Every project comes with a serverless database with single digit millisecond P99 performance guarantees at scale.

Use our GitHub integration to enable powerful branching for your whole backend. Each branch gives you a production-parity GraphQL API and database that follows the lifecycle of your Git branch. Simply merge to the production branch to deploy to production.

The Grafbase platform infrastructure is built to be blazing fast using Rust. Every project is deployed to our global edge network using V8 isolates to achieve low latency around the globe without cold starts.

Modern developer tools AMAZE ME! I tried @grafbase recently and set up a Serverless GraphQL server in like 2 minutes 🔥🔥 - local GraphQL dev server - auto deployments from Github repos - isolated environments based on Github branches

Grafbase is currently in private beta and we are working closely with our growing community to design and build the best developer experience for building backends.

We're aiming to launch the public beta early 2023 when core features of the platform, such as authorization, resolvers, realtime, triggers and schema migrations are launched.

For more information about the Grafbase platform, read our documentation and changelog. Follow us on Twitter, GitHub and join our Discord.

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